Delete All Partitions With a Certain Prefix in AMO

We partition by several different date periods: Hour, Day, Week, and Month.  If processing a monthly partition, we want to delete all days that have been processed for that month. To do so, we’ll look for all partitions that start with D_200706 (June 2007) and delete it if it exists. Same with creating a day partition: if creating a partition for D_20070812, we’ll look for all partitions starting with H_200708 and drop them.

The AMO code we use to do so:

Sub DeletePartitionPrefix(ByVal sPartitionPrefix)

    Dim oDeletePartition As Partition

    Dim i As Integer

    Dim AryPartitions As String()

    Dim AryPartitionsSize As Integer


    AryPartitionsSize = (objMeasureGroup.Partitions.Count – 1)

    ReDim AryPartitions(AryPartitionsSize)


    For Each oDeletePartition In objMeasureGroup.Partitions

        AryPartitions(i) = oDeletePartition.Name

        i = i + 1

    Next oDeletePartition


    For i = 0 To AryPartitionsSize

       If AryPartitions(i) Like sPartitionPrefix & "*" Then

            DeletePartition(AryPartitions(i), "")

        End If

    Next i

End Sub


Public Sub DeletePartition(ByVal sPartitionName, ByVal DeleteType)


    Dim BeginTime As DateTime

    Dim oPartition As Partition



        If strKeepProcessing = False Then Exit Sub


        BeginTime = Now

        oPartition = objMeasureGroup.Partitions.GetByName(sPartitionName)



        If DeleteType = "Cleanup" Then

            InsertCubeProcessingLog("Delete Partition Cleanup ", 1, 1, BeginTime, …


            InsertCubeProcessingLog("Delete Partition", 1, 0, BeginTime, …

        End If 



        Dim ErrorReplace As String = Err.Description

        ErrorReplace = ErrorReplace.Replace("’", "")

        InsertCubeProcessingLog("Delete Partition Failed: " & Err.Number & "-" & ErrorReplace,…

        strKeepProcessing = False

    End Try

End Sub

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