Collecting Counter Information

I had to open a ticket with MS earlier this week regarding frequent crashing of the OLAP service. One of the pieces of data they needed was counter information. It wasn’t just a few counters, it ended up being 1700. Granted, it was way more than they really needed, but better to give them more than less.
So I started to ask around here and one of the systems guy had an idea. He suggested something that was in an old Resource Kit but is now part of WIN2K3 Server.
This can be used for anything and really has nothing to do with OLAP, however I thought it was sort of neat. It ran for about 16 hours and ended up being about 60MB. Didn’t crash the server either.
CMD prompt
Cd to C:\temp
Typeperf –qx >counters.txt
Notepad counters.txt                    <remove all but the counters you want>
Once you create your counters.txt, run this command to start logging perf to a CSV.  When you are done logging, you will need to hit CTRL+C to stop logging.
typeperf -cf counters.txt -si 15 -f csv -o sqlperf.csvm  <15 seconds is the frequency of the logging>
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