Thoughts about Aggregation Manager

Initial thoughts about Aggregation Manager:
  1. Would like to see this inside of Visual Studio. We use the deployment wizard to rollout changes – changes to the aggregations must be done in a different script.
  2. Confusing at first how to save the changes to the aggregation (didn’t know you had to right click on the Measure Group and select ‘Save To Server"). Wasted about an hour of my time when I closed it down and didn’t save it. Thought that when it said the "Aggregation Design had been updated with X aggregations" it was saved.
  3. Weirdness with the Physical Aggregation Size option on the partition. Haven’t figured out why it’s showing all zeros when the partition does have aggregations associated with it.
  4. Would rather see the dimension and attribute names rather than ID’s
  5. Don’t understand the difference between selecting the checkbox for the Dimension or the Key. Would like to see other checkboxes automatically selected if a parent is selected. (this probably makes no sense)

In all, it’s nice to have a tool like this. Just would really, really like to see it integrated into VS.

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2 Responses to Thoughts about Aggregation Manager

  1. Greg says:

    I completely agree with your suggestions. We\’ve integrated the Aggregation Manager code into BIDS Helper, so now you can use it from Visual Studio:
    I\’ve also reported my full list of issues (which somewhat overlaps with yours) here:

  2. Jesse says:

    Good stuf Greg – I\’ll check it out

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