Drilling down brings back incorrect totals

I’m going insane here trying to figure out this issue and was wondering if anyone had ideas as to what the cause.
If you look at the below picture, the totals are incorrect for 3/5. Tier 1 shows a total of 452, however when expanded (or drilled down into) only shows a total of 80!
For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. It’s not a Proclarity specific thing either, the same numbers are returned through Management Studio.
The data is stored in MOLAP. The issue does resolve itself eventually, though I don’t know how.
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5 Responses to Drilling down brings back incorrect totals

  1. Stefan says:

    Is the measure a calculation? Many-To-Many dimensions? Have you drilled down or not selected all the members below Tier 1 for instance?Is Display a calculated member?

  2. Jesse says:

    Not a calculation, it\’s just a fact right out of a table.
    Display is not a calculated member. Just a "normal" dimension.
    Nothing out of the ordinary being done. I don\’t get it.

  3. Bi Ultras says:

    the fact table contains \’united states\’=80?
    the fact table contains not a key \’Tier 1\’?

  4. Stefan says:

    Any security that makes not all members below Tier 1 visible, but the total for Tier 1 contains those members?
    Aggregation for that measure is not SUM?
    If you execute the sames query as proclarity in Management Studio is the result the same?

  5. Jesse says:

    No security at all. Aggregation is a SUM.
    Management Studio retrieves the same data.

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