Activity Viewer – kill queries in Analysis Services

One of the neat things about SSAS2005 is the ability to tell what’s going on under the hood. This was sorely lacking in AS2000 and resulted in many restarts of the OLAP service to clear things up.
Microsoft has included a sample application with the SQL Server install to kill connections and sessions in order to avoice a restart of the service.

Activity Viewer


What I don’t like about it:

  • It’s a separate tool. Why can’t it be in Management Studio like Activity Monitor?
  • Activity Viewer is slow. At the times I need to most cancel sessions I can’t even get it to connect. I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving it open at all times.
  • Takes some effort to get it working (have to create a strong key)
  • Not enough detail. Would like it to include Program Name – there is a CONNECTION_HOST_APPLICATION field however I’ve never seen anything but blanks in it.

I can only hope Microsoft includes the functionality from within Managment Studio in the future. My money is that we see it by the end of the year. But hey, at least we have the ability to cancel individual sessions and connections now. I’ll take it.

I found the Activity Viewer sample located in this folder. Might be different for you.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Samples\Analysis Services\Administrator\ActivityViewer

Readme is located within that folder or available here:


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