TCPView for Windows – kill Analysis Services 2000 connections

One of the annoying things about AS2000 is that there is no KILL command like there is in SQL Server. Sometimes a cube or database will lock up and the only way to clear this is to restart the service. If you have a large OLAP environment like us, restarting the service can be quite a disruption since it can take awhile to start back up (25 minutes in our case).
In one of the MS whitepapers, Dave Wickert suggests the use of a tool called TCPView. Originally written by a company called sysinternals, MS has bought them out and now controls the product. TCPView allows you to look at all the processes on the box and what clients are connected to it. Find the client doing the damage and close the connection. Simple as that.

One thing I’ve learned by mistake is make sure you select "Close Connection" and not "End Process". Selecting "End Process" will actually shut the process down. First time I used the tool I took OLAP down for about a half hour. Woops.

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