Backing up AS2000 databases

I’ve seen several posts on the newsgroup lately asking how to back up an Analysys Services database. Microsoft provides a utility to do so (msmdarch), however this backs up to a .cab file, and if any of your data files are greater than 2GB, you’re out of luck. None of our individual files exceed that 2GB limit, however we use our own method since we found it to be more efficient.
Backing up Analysis Services 2000 databases greater than 2GB
1. Stop the MSOLAP servce
2. Backup the data folder
3. Backup your repository
4. Start the MSOLAP servce
It is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY important that you keep the data folder and repository in sync. Very important. Did I say very? Getting these out of sync can have dire results. I recommend that the OLAP service be taken down before doing so in order to ensure no updates take place.
These will be downtime associated with this, but that’s life (it takes us over three hours to backup 250GB’s every week). This method also backs up all the databases on the server at once compared to one at a time using msmdarch.
To restore
1. Stop the MSOLAP servce
2. Copy archive data folder to current data folder location
3. Restore repository from backup
4. Start the MSOLAP servce
That’s all. It seems like these should be more to it, however there really isn’t. The majority of the time spent backing up and restoring is the file copy. We’ve had to restore from backups on several occasions and this method has worked flawlessly every time.
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