Error 1053 when starting up the Analysis Services 2005 service

When starting our SSAS2005 service (through Admin Tools – Services) we receive a Error 1053 error.

Error 1053

After a while (about five minutes) the service enentually comes up. Many times this is a legit error and does indicate that the service can not start. However, in our case, it just means the service is taking its time in starting up but does eventually start up. We do have a large (350GB)  and growing SSAS2005 environment.
As to why we’re getting this error, I’m not sure. I’m guessing there’s a hard coded value somewhere that if the service doesn’t come up after X seconds to show this dialog box. Haven’t had a chance to use a "net start" yet.
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2 Responses to Error 1053 when starting up the Analysis Services 2005 service

  1. Unknown says:

    AS2005 got a long time to start depending on the number of database, cubes, partitions, dimensions etc. you have on your OlapData directory. I suspect this is not related to the real size of measure groups but only to the number of objects, since I\’ve seen longer times on my dev PCs with few data but many databases than servers with fewers objects but large amount of data.
    Another nasty thing is that this number (of objects) consumes virtual memory, and it seems the opposite of AS2000, which consumed memory to load dimension members at startup, but I never observed an higher memory consumption caused by objects (dimension are objects, but I mean any AS object).
    Not sure of my conclusions, of course…
    Marco Russo

  2. Jesse says:

    I had the chance to re-partition (8k partitions down to 1.5k) all of my cubes and the startup time did decrease. I do still receive the 1053, but instead of taking seven minutes to start it\’s taking three.

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